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All submissive’s, this is a partial clip of scene. It will your breath away… I’ve watch video in total and the girl is interviewed before and after and she is a professional and so is her Dom… So she’s never hurt in video. You will find yourself wanting to watch this scene over and over, maybe not today but you will want it! LOL!

The whole video does portray a full scene. You may not be ready for this intensity yet but you’ll get there. Me, however, I am ready and this is what I’m working toward this next phase. I did attach whole video at the bottom of post….  I do advise watching it several times with your Dom, It will help teach your Dom some a little swag as well…

You can get on and look up instructional dry directions on how to achieve a squirting “O”, but, I want to tell you what works for me and hopefully what can help you. Remember all our bodies are different so get the basics down then “work what your ma-ma gave you!” LOL!

**Warning…. It may take several tries… be patient… IT’S SOOO WORTH IT!

Tools : Have lube &  your vibrating wand handy… If it has a cord…get an extension cord. Nothing worse then trying to use a wand with a short cord while achieving a wet orgasm… LOL!

Squirting orgasms usually originate from rubbing your G Spot, internally. You can have them just with clitoral stimulation or Anal sex. I advise that, starting out, you should first try some slow and steady stimulation by focusing mainly on the outside of your vagina, around you labia and clit. Try 15-20 minutes, bringing yourself right up to the point of orgasm without actually going over the edge and coming. At any point your Sir can penetrate you either with his penis or fingers (G-SPOT), try not to orgasm… It’s ok though if you do… just start over with stimulation to get you to the edge again…  His thrusts should be more like an oceans wave… steady deep motions. I know he’s excited but keep it slow… Now add that wand….Vibrate your clit. Keep him slow and steady. ***You over achievers or experienced subs can …probably already have added an anal plug… adds to the sensation. If your trying this the first time, keep it simple…. You May need him to use his fingers internally and rub your G-Spot. Like Picture below… It will feel like a burning sensation or like your bladder is being pushed on. Then add vibration from wand. This vibration may make you bare down… that’s fine.. When I squirt I bare down… So practice as you go, relax and bare down. It will feel like you’re opening yourself up inside.  Most important to relax and let your Dom take you further past those initial peeing sensations. Really Important*** Make sure he withdraws from your vagina so you can squirt… Hard to do if he is till inside. :0)

I forgot to add the bondage elements into the scene but you can look at video and see that having your Sir bind your wrists would be a great starting point. This can be as simple as using a clip and clipping your cuffs together in front of you or behind you.

This is the “come hither ” move…..




(   )o


PS…. Here’s the whole video…  A complete scene. Get your Dom and enjoy!



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  1. On the bucket list for sure ;) Great post. Thanks :)

  2. Well, then. It would appear I need a wand, urgently.

  3. Oh my goodness! I thought I was a squirter!

  4. Ladies,

    I believe that LK would have given this girl a run for her money this morning…


    Mr. Fox

  5. Hi!
    This was on my “wishlist” :) When it happened for me I was almost shocked! I think a helpful tip for me was to relax as much as possible (I know that seems impossible!) Taking a deep breath when it starts building up helped me cum with that “bearing down” feeling.

  6. Uh wow, 1st thought… that’s a LOT of liquid… 2nd thought… I want that too eventually. Does she squirt more than the average person does?? How many towels do you girls usually use? Sounds like lots of extra laundry.. that orgasm better be worth it ;) I read the comments about the wands, we recently got one and it is SO worth it!! I definitely recommend it as well.

    • I started out less liquid but now I can do what she does… You learn your body and your husDom will to… So he may repeat those actions over and over until all your fluids are depleted. Lol! It becomes their favorite toy… Lol!

      Waterproof blanket!

      You’ll find your way! Lol!

      LK ❤

  7. A wand will be in my list. Not really in the cards at the moment…. However, I do believe that I was very close to success last night anyway. Going to continue to practice (I’m okay with that! ;) )

  8. I’m with you all in spirit, sisters. This one is far too kinky for my Sir, but it looks like a “fountain of fun”!! Maybe in the distant future!! :-)

  9. LK–Do you routinely go at it from this position? And do you need vaginal penetration (or other?) to help it along? For me it’s having simultaneous V and Clitoral that does it… All my squirting to day has happened with me reclining… and most often from self-stimulation and very inquisitive lovers (never with DH, sadly, hopefully some day). And for those asking… some of us only give off a modest squirt, and not gushers like this one. I don’t know if it changes the intensity to squirt more… but I will have to say that huge amount is daunting! HusDom is quite evolved to be cool with this, I think! And I like my cordless Viberite wand ALOT!! The Lelo has died after only 4 months and not that much use… anyone every return one of these? I’m ticked cuz it was expensive.

  10. Damn, little K. This got me all worked up, to say the least! xoxo

  11. […] not convinced?  Just watch the Hitachi in action in LK’s Squirting Post.  No battery powered toy is EVER going to have that […]

  12. […] been plotting and planning to introduce this concept into our play. And then LK did her post on squirting orgasms and that was it, my Sir was on a mission! These were his inspirations for the scene, though he […]

  13. Reposted this because I’ve gotten a lot of requests asking where it was… Here you go! Good Luck Subs!
    ( )o

  14. Lk, This is video is working very well! Now I want to wake my Sir and hand him the wand….this is torture sitting here testing this to make sure it works. UGH!


  15. Does anyone know where to get written instructions on how to obtain this?

  16. I just had the time to look at the first clip but I hada very similar scene on Monday! Sir added spanking beforehand though. And I had to remain on all fours. I do like the chair and the tiedowns. We have a different wand but I’m going to be getting one just like the one that’s in the video very soon. And a mattress cover since ours was soaked after this. I can’t wait to see the rest of the video!!

  17. Profile photo of Zion says :

    i wish i could squirt :-( i can cum no problem, but i thought squirting was a matter of you can or you cant. Ok gonna read the posts now.

  18. Profile photo of Zion says :

    hmm i remember my Sir was giving me oral & He said i squirted a little bit, i thought he was over exaggerating but i guess i have once. i hope He remembers exactly what it was He did that day i would love to again. He does make puddles under my bottom when giving me oral & gives me an orgasm but no squirting. ive wanted to squirt for it seems like forever, now that i know we can practice to achieve it im really happy, so excited to talk to Sir about it when he gets home from work.

  19. Profile photo of Zion says :

    Wow so i researched it & i think i can totally do it, i would practice right now & almost started but im pregnant & i dont know if it will hurt the baby…:-/ anyone know? i’ll probably stick to the safe side though and wait till the baby is born though either way.

    • Wow… Congrats girl! When are you do? I would wait to, if I were you.


    • First of all, congrats! The first time LK posted this, I was (very) pregnant as well. It is not easy finding reliable information on these kinds of things as they are related to pregnancy. My “philosophy” was that if I was comfortable doing it, then I did it. This was one of the very few things that I thought it was better to wait. I doubt that it would hurt the baby at all, but I felt better erring of the side of caution with this one.
      There are ton of things that you can do normally you can do during pregnancy if you are low risk and your doctor hasn’t put any restrictions on you. That being said, there are some areas where caution is required and you do need to be in tune with your body. If something doesn’t feel right, your best bet is to either stop and take a break or switch gears to something different. :)

    • Congratulations Lady! I wish you and the baby well :) and I agree with Nsk that you need to be in-tuned with your own body and that you should be careful on what you do….it also depends on what stage of your pregnancy you are in. There so many other things you and your Sir can do while your pregnant and you can save this for after to celebrate the birth of your child when you are all set to play again with out caution. It would be a great way to say I’m BACK! :)


  20. I posted this in the forum, but thought I would mention it on this post too… Major success for me in this department! The unfortunate part is that I was by myself when I achieved it. However, now that I know exactly what I need to do, recreating it will not be a problem in the slightest :)

  21. OMG

    For those of you who can give her a run, does volume equate to pleasure?

    Would love to be able to do THAT.

  22. Hi all. I recommend the Liberator fascinator throe it can hold a bucket…

  23. Is there supposed to be a video attached to the post? I see a few blank spots but no video – just the first pic.
    Not sure if I’m missing something, or if something is just now missing…?

  24. LK, thank you for the written information. I will certainly pass this on to Sir. <3

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